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Bond Adapt Recruitment CRM Support and Training

Create a “Bond First” Culture in your Recruitment Business

It’s a great investment to have Adapt Recruitment software in your business. You need to be sure that your staff adopt and engage with it and it delivers a return on this investment (ROI). You want your Bond Adapt CRM to be your first system for sourcing, nurturing and placing.  You want it to be a USP.

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The Best Bond Adapt Training

The Barclay Jones team have been implementing and training Bond systems since 2000.  We are proud to be Bond International Software’s only training partner. Recruiters love our Bond Adapt training – read their case studies.

“We had invested in the Bond Adapt recruitment system and needed our recruiters to buy-in to it. The training was critical for this.”

Our Bond Adapt trainers deliver:

  • Go Live training Refresher training
  • Management and Leader training
  • One to One training
  • Floorwalking and Q&As Induction training

We deliver Bond Adapt training on-site or via webinar which includes:

  • Effective Sourcing and Business Development
  • Building a Pipeline with Leads
  • Seamless Recruitment Workflow
  • Increase Performance with My Studios
  • Forecasting and Managing with Reports

Create a CRMFirst culture. Improve adoption, speed, delivery and ROI.

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Implement Adapt Expertly

We have worked with Bond Adapt since 2000 and implemented / upgraded / improved many Bond Recruitment CRM systems.

Our goal is to create an AdaptFirst culture for recruiters. We work with recruiters to make Adapt “first” in their sourcing, lead generation, candidate nurturing, recruiter retention.  Don’t you want your clients, candidates and recruiters to use you (and your CRM) first?

Recruiters value our expert and impartial approach – read their case studies.

Barclay Jones helped us implement a new Bond Adapt CRM system to over 150 users nationwide.  They have contributed a huge amount to our strategic and operational process.

You want your recruiters to engage with your Adapt investment:  to convert more leads, source talent faster, protect your pipeline, make more placements and be more profitable.

We work with recruitment and IT leaders to project manage and implement an effective Adapt Recruitment CRM – as a mentor, coach, and recruitment technology best practice advocate.

Create a CRMFirst culture. Improve adoption, speed, delivery and ROI.

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The BEST Recruitment Training

We deliver the best recruiter training workshops.  Our goal is to make recruiters more successful.

Our clients love our Job adverts training, Broadbean, LinkedIn for Recruiters, Twitter for Recruiters, Eshot and Mailshot Training, and Bond Adapt and Bullhorn Recruitment CRM training.

We work with recruiters to be super effective at their desk: attract, source, convert and place. We also help internal recruiters attract recruiters and marketers generate leads, talent and recruiters.

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Paul McCarthy Bond Adapt

Listen to Paul!

Bond International Software are excited about collaborating with Barclay Jones.

The ability to work with a company that really ‘gets’ the recruitment industry, and is passionate about recruitment software, is a great opportunity. Barclay Jones are extremely well respected for providing recruitment technology and social media knowledge and expertise to recruitment specialists throughout the UK.

I am pleased that Barclay Jones recognise Adapt as one of the leading staffing and recruitment systems, providing the tools for recruiters to make the most placements and earn the highest revenues. The team at Barclay Jones have a passion for technology that will help prospects make the right unbiased decision when selecting their recruitment software.

Paul McCarthy, Chief Operations Officer, Bond International Software

Want to create a “Bond First” Culture in your Recruitment Business?

We’d love to talk to you about how to implement Bond Adapt into your business, how to ensure your team engages with the system and how to create a “CRM First” culture to help you improve speed, loyalty and profit.

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We are leaders in recruiter success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry.

  • gavin-wilkins-harvey-nash-case-study-microdec-crm

    "Barclay Jones have a valuable understanding of recruitment process, technology, end user experience and business change.  We have found their involvement key to this CRM replacement project."

    Gavin Wilkins, Harvey Nash
  • martin-snell-career-legal-bond-adapt-training-case-study

    "The goal was to encourage consultants to use Bond Adapt Recruitment Software. I researched trainers online, read the reviews about Barclay Jones. I followed my instincts. I knew Barclay Jones would be right for us."

    Martin Snell, Career Legal
  • paul-dickens-ata-recruitment-case-study-bond-adapt

    "We needed to ensure effective usage of Adapt and improve awareness of the system's capability. Barclay Jones' impact is: is more contract and permanent roles with new clients, more interviews, and a lot of new contacts for our Adapt database."

    Paul Dickens, ATA Recruitment
  • ian-anderson-stafforce-case-study-recruitment-social-media-bond-crm-training

    "Barclay Jones helped us implement a Bond Adapt CRM system to 150 users and develop a social media strategy. They have contributed a huge amount to our strategic and operational process and have helped grow the business for the future."

    Ian Anderson, Stafforce
  • will-fossey-nrl-case-study-bond-adapt-recruitment-crm-training

    "We knew we weren’t using all of Bond Adapt’s capabilities; and wanted to unlock its full potential. The Barclay Jones team provided highly effective Bond Adapt training sessions, and they are massively respected by my team."

    Will Fossey, International Development Director

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We are leaders in recruitment success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry. We make recruiters more successful.

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