Can You Stop Bad Data Damaging your Recruitment Business?


With the UK Recruitment Sector being worth at least £30billion, and recruitment leaders wanting to monetise their “expensive Recruitment CRM” it’s critical to capitalise on your recruitment tech to improve speed and profit.  This is a speedy 2 minute read to get you from “bad data” to “big data”.

The Myth of the “30 Second” Recruiter

We see ROI as in the i(nvestment) of the beholder – so what is the average recruitment consultant investing?

The average recruitment consultant is sat with two to four screens (including mobile phones) gathering data from wherever they can, but there’s often no practical or enforced policy in a recruitment business as to where that recruitment data should be going or at what point it should be going onto your recruitment database.

I’ve come across “30 second recruiters” who enter a candidate in the CRM just to place them and board the invoice. I’ve also met ‘brilliant jerks’ who bill the most yet administrate the least, meaning there’s no useful legacy data on the great candidates they’re placing or their potential pipeline.

We don’t see this as a sustainable business model for recruitment businesses.

As a recruitment leader, you should be able to use your recruitment database to predict the conversion rate for your consultants, helping them actively manage and improve their conversion rate – which ultimately improves the pipeline and sustainability of your business.

It makes them more effective, competitive and successful. It makes you more profitable and sane!

Sustainable Recruitment Data is the New Sexy

Most recruitment leaders I work with are not in the market for selling their recruitment firm in the next 12 months – instead a lot of them are looking to the next 3-5 years, trying to pump up the volume on their business with great tech, monetised recruitment data and ultimately process and talent and pipelines of clients.

Doing this will ensure your business becomes a sustainable model and will continue beyond the talent that currently works for you. Market value will increase.

When a business is audited to see how buyable it is, often the KPMGs of this world will look at it and say:

If the top billers left and the business leaders left… what would be left?

So What’s the Solution for Creating a Monetised Recruitment CRM?

Get your recruitment consultants and resourcers engaged with the system and train them on best practice so they understand why great recruitment process is profitable (intuitive recruitment systems that need no training are mythical).

Once they can see and feel the benefits of following the processes (improving performance, profit and ROI for themselves as well as the business) then your CRM can become a business growth tool, rather than an expensive data dump.

4 Steps to Fixing your Bad Recruitment Data Problem

  1. Define and document your process and systems

  2. Agree what great data looks like and communicate your expectations everyday and everywhere!

  3. Make managers responsible for the hygiene of their segment of the recruitment database

  4. Reward “personal hygiene”. Clean data, sparkling process and effective placements = clean profit

We deliver training and guidance for recruiters and recruitment businesses to help them create a CRMFirst culture within their business for sustainable processes, clean data and higher profit!

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate clients, and colleagues (3Cs).




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