Recruiters - Improve Speed and Collaboration with Bullhorn CRM Internal Notify!


This Bullhorn CRM hack is perfect for recruiters and recruitment resourcers working in a fast-paced recruitment business, who want to find and update their candidates and clients quickly, so that they can place more speedily. We know that you’re often hopping from one candidate record to the next and juggling multiple clients and jobs at once.  This hack will let you manage multiple records quickly whilst collaborating with key members of your recruitment team.

Recruiters! Use Your Internal Notify to Retain Your Candidates and Clients

We deliver Bullhorn Training to help recruiters become top performers using the best recruitment technology.

Recruiters often tell us how time starved they can be. We created this Bullhorn hack to give you essential phone and face time with your candidates and clients.

  • Do you find yourself duplicating tasks inside and outside of your Bullhorn system?

  • Are important messages being missed from your candidates or clients leading to possible poor service and lost revenue?

  • Is your Bullhorn CRM genuinely first in your business? (or are you reliant on lots of other software?)

This Bullhorn hack will show you how to:

  • Improve internal communication

  • Enhance your candidate and client relationship

  • Form consistent process in Bullhorn to limit missed placements and revenue

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