Recruiters! Find Your Candidates in Bullhorn Faster than the Bullhorn Fastfind!


This excellent Bullhorn Training hack is perfect for Recruiters, Resourcers and Administrators who want to find their best candidates and clients incredibly quickly in Bullhorn.

You will no doubt be juggling multiple roles and candidates. Without Bullhorn it would be easy to lose track of your next key task. This 1-minute Bullhorn Hack video will show you how to access your important records faster than even Bullhorn’s speedy “fastfind”.

Recruiters! Source Your Candidates Quickly!

We run the best Bullhorn Training, and publish regular recruiter hacks to improve speed and ROI.

This simple, yet incredibly powerful hack, is very popular during my Bullhorn training sessions. It will automate a key activity – sourcing – and save you valuable time. You’ll keep your data clean and your candidates and clients happy!

  • Do you work in a fast-paced environment where ‘phone tennis’ with your candidates and clients is common?

  • Do you work closely with your colleagues passing on important messages?

  • Do you suffer from poor data quality or even duplicate records in your Bullhorn system and need to fix this issue?

This Bullhorn hack will show you how to:

  1. Find the right records quickly!

  2. Improve internal communication within your recruitment team.

  3. Improve your service offering to clients and candidates with slick and effective processes.


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