How to Weaponise Your Recruitment Data with Analytics


​Recruiters are drowning in data and this makes them unproductive. It’s paralysing.

Whether you’re a recruitment leader wanting a sustainable recruitment business with high-performing recruiters, or a recruiter who wants to run a successful recruitment desk, this workout on Recruitment HIIT is a great listen (or watch). I've added a snapshot below.

Too Much Recruitment Data, Not Enough Performance?

We know the recruitment data stats:

  • 72% of the candidates placed are on your Bullhorn CRM before you spend time and money sourcing them externally.

  • The best candidates are off the market in 10 days

  • If a recruiter has 10 jobs, they’ll likely only place 2

These recruitment stats make recruitment a process of luck and sometimes hope!

I’m joined by the mighty Andy Hill from Bullhorn Analytics.

We talked about weaponising recruitment data. We looked at how recruiters can use data to be more productive, improve recruiter performance, and make some money.

I asked Andy some questions:

  1. The role of the recruiter is evolving, and data is at the centre. How does Andy feel about how recruiters should evolve to capitalise on your Bullhorn data?

  2. What skills does Andy feel recruiters need to be effective?

  3. What do recruitment leaders need to stop doing?

  4. What is a recruiter’s “real” job?

  5. Andy talks about tridents and bows and arrows (and data) –what’s that got to do with recruitment?

  6. What key takeaways does Andy have for recruiters and recruitment leaders regarding how they can use data to run their desks and businesses?

Recruitment leaders and recruiters – buckle up! Listen/watch, and whether you have an analytics tool or not, get at least one takeaway to help you improve performance.

Watch the trailer of my vodcast with Andy...

The full vodcast, along with other great sales and recruitment and Analytics training, can be found on our training platform Recruitment HIIT.



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