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Automated Recruitment Sales - Connected Recruiting 2.0!


Recruiters and their Recruitment Leaders are needing stronger BD and candidate pipelines, and more engaged candidates and clients driving faster and more secure placements.

​Whether you're into:

...it's all about connected recruiting.

What is “Connected Recruiting”? And What's Automation Got to Do With it?

As part of our automation Smackdown series, we chatted with Billy and Mandy from Bullhorn, and Wayne from Barclay Jones, about:

  1. Connected recruiting 1.0 and what it was - candidate-focused.

  2. Connected recruiting 2.0 and what it is - client-focused.

  3. How automation needs to focus on sales and client-centric processes.

  4. How they think connecting recruiting will help you build a successful automation strategy - monetising your data is crucial.

  5. What will connected recruiting 3.0 be?

Watch our speedy 7min video: What is Connected Recruiting? And Why Do You Need it?

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