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How Can Recruiters Be More Targeted with Their Time? Analytics


Recruiters have limited time to make a difference to their candidates, clients, colleagues, and pipeline. But this is the year when agile and focused performance is critical.

But with so many systems, often too much data, being focused and targeted is hard.

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once!

Recruiters are often pulled in multiple directions all at once. Keeping candidates and clients happy, whilst navigating multiple platforms and dirty data sets, makes for a hopeful strategy. All of this is during a year where minds are being changed at speed.

But ironically, recruiters have the data which can help target their time. And if analysed, data tells the truth:

  • It speaks of past performance

  • It predicts future performance

But, in some recruitment businesses the truth hurts.

Recruiters should be using analytics to tell the truth, then improve their performance. In the very least they could be using data to look for quick wins and business opportunities to, for example, recycle contractors, and focus their time on at-risk clients for repeat business.

Recruitment Leaders Navigating Through Tough Times

Recruitment leaders could be using analytics to manage and lead their teams - and help them navigate through troubled times.

Recent years have seen a seismic shift in the recruiting market.

1.     Experienced recruiters leaving the market and taking their knowledge with them.

2.     Lots of new startups resulting from larger recruiters downsizing.

3.     Recruitment leaders have likely scaled quickly, and during a booming year. New recruiters, new problems.

This leaves knowledge gaps, process gaps, and opportunities for a 'spray and pray' approach to recruitment. This can only be fixed by luck and an active and analytical approach by leaders.

Leadership would be wise to not wait for luck, but to analyse, automate, enable their recruiters, and yell "let's do this!"

Let's Do This!

As I'm writing this blog, I'm getting excited for my clients who have not shied away from the data. They are automating it, de-administrating their recruiters, and creating space for best practice and training.

I'm also worried about the recruitment leaders who have heads in hands saying "make it stop". I get that, but now is the time to get suited-up and get cracking with the data, the analytics, the performance.

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