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Automation Tip - Inactivity Alerts - Drive Productivity


​​I've got an alarming 1-minute Bullhorn Automation tip to help you flag inactivity and drive productivity.

Automation is great at generating call lists and driving the right behaviours - if you let it.

But often recruiters can focus on the wrong activities, drown in "admin", or waste time on external systems, and recruitment process becomes too busy to be effective.

Use automation to flag inactivity so you can drive the correct behaviours.

Get Alerted to Inactivity

This 1-minute Bullhorn Automation tip will tell leaders when their recruiters are not performing critical tasks.

It will ID inactivity and escalate this to leaders so that they take appropriate action (carrots / sticks / chocolates / hard stares?)

This tip is great for leaders who want to:

  1. Drive activity.

  2. Improve Bullhorn adoption and data health.

  3. Increase sales.

  4. AKA - all leaders!

Watch My Bullhorn Automation Tip on How Alert Inactivity

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