Recruiters Who Need to Sell More (and Have an Ego) Need This LinkedIn Hack


This LinkedIn for Recruiters hack is perfect for recruiters who need to sell and place more – likely all of you? (And great for recruitment marketers who need their recruiters to improve brand and ROI!)  It’s a 1-minute hack to help with attracting, sourcing, engaging and building your recruitment pipeline.

Recruiters! Sell and Place More!

We run the best LinkedIn Training, and publish regular recruiter hacks to speed up recruitment process and make the time you need to spend on LinkedIn really effective.  We often find, though, that recruiters who think that they have LinkedIn “nailed” are missing this simple hack to create a profile to help them easily SELL and PLACE MORE!

  • Perhaps you have lots of connections but not enough candidates or clients?

  • Do you have lots of jobs, but not enough applicants?

  • Lots of applicants, but not enough lovely placements, hence not enough invoices and fees?

This LinkedIn Hack will really help you focus your time on what you need to do to get LinkedIn delivering candidates, clients and cash! AND will give you a score to compete over in your recruitment office! (Not that any of you lovely recruiters are competitive!)

Oh! And if you’re a recruitment marketer,  Lisa (who has an SSI of 80!) asked me to make sure that you wave this hack at your recruiters to help them focus on what you need them to do (she knows your pain!)

Recruiters! Score!

The LinkedIn SSI will score you in 4 areas, all of which are critical to your pipeline and will offer you some really simple ideas on how you can improve

  1. Establish your professional brand – 81% of your candidates and clients are more likely to engage with you

  2. Find the right candidates and contacts – 45% more leads were converted

  3. Engage with relevant sector-based insights – 74% more engagement on your posts

  4. Build relationships – 73% of buyers prefer sales professionals who have been referred

We LOVE this LinkedIn hack, and when show recruiters, it really helps them focus on what they need to do to recruit and sell more, and gives them more of that critical phone and face time.

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