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Bullhorn Tip: Massively Reduce Your Sourcing Time with Quick Notes


Recruitment Consultants and Resourcers, this Bullhorn hack will significantly improve your sourcing experience and save you valuable time.  After all, the average recruiter spends 13 hours per week sourcing outside of Bullhorn, when 18mins should be all you need!

Imagine what you could do with 12 hours more per week! (Go home, or make more placements?)

With 1 in 4 recruiters feeling that their recruitment tech is too complicated, and 2/3rds of recruiters quitting due to a lack of training, you need to use your Bullhorn systems to enable you to recruit better rather than prevent you from recruiting.  

60% of Candidates Hate Working with Recruiters

Candidate experience is at an all-time low – 60% of candidates are unhappy with the service they receive from you. So, we’ve created this Bullhorn Tip to help you use Bullhorn first and save time. Not only will this save you clicks (and precious time) but it will also provide you with instant insight into your candidate, improve your data quality and ultimately allow you to source the right candidate for the role quickly. (Then spend of your day doing, who knows, billing?)

We run the best Bullhorn Training and this Bullhorn tip always gets the green light in our training sessions and webinars.

  • Do you need more time to recruit?

  • Do you have poor data on your Bullhorn system, and this drive you out of the system?

  • Do you need to speed up your sourcing activity?

  • Do you need to collaborate with your team more efficiently?

This Bullhorn hack will show you how to:

  1. Access candidate notes quickly

  2. Record candidate notes in minimum time

  3. Collaborate with your team effectively

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HIIT Us, Recruiters!

And we’re about to launch Recruitment HIIT – an exciting recruitment training platform for recruiters to speedily learn skills to be more successful with Adapt, Bullhorn, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Inbound Sales, Digital and Email Marketing.

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