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The Best Sales Tip for Recruiters - Loom to Attract and Engage


51% of recruiters tell us that sourcing candidates is their biggest pain - and that they spend 13 hours a week doing it - ​this is just not necessary when technology can cut through this pain speed up your recruitment process and give you more crucial time on the phone.

This sales tip is a 1-minute hack to help engage and attract the ideal candidate and encourage them to pick up the phone to you.

Recruiters! Get Your Candidates to Call You!

We create monthly sales hacks and tips to improve your recruitment speed, sales and ROI. And this tip fits nicely with our approach to recruitment training - HIIT - high intensity interval training. Recruitment isn't complicated, but often too much data and not enough time can really screw up your process.

Last year 73% of recruiters complained of a talent shortage.

This easy sales tip will help you to attract the ideal candidates and generate warm calls that will save valuable time usually spent sourcing.

And… it doesn’t cost a penny!

  • Are you one of the 51% of recruiters that are worried about sourcing candidates?

  • Do you struggle to get quality candidates to pick up the phone?

  • Is sourcing slowing you down? (Are you spending the average 13 hours per week looking for candidates?)

This recruitment sales tip will show you how to:

  1. Be competitive! Make you stand out from other recruiters

  2. Save you time! You need to track when candidates open your emails so you know when to call them)

  3. Make the phone ring with the right candidates! That holy grail of recruitment and sales!

Watch My 1-Minute Recruitment Sales Tip

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HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker and develop healthy pipelines, and helps marketers generate more of the 3Cs. We aim to save every recruiter and marketer at least 1 hour per day - more billing time, more fees!




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