How Can Recruiters Improve Performance? Get on the Phone!


Recruiters can always improve their performance, whether it be marginal gains or drastically improving failing pipelines. Right now is the time to dig deep and ask:

Where can I improve my recruiter performance? 


What part of my recruitment workflow can I improve?

Take a speedy 30mins and listen / watch my latest Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast. Take a few notes and grab a few takeaways for your recruitment business and your recruitment desk.

Recruitment Research: Phone Calls Are a Downer

I spent time with Josh Symons from Hinterview.  

Hinterview has completed some interesting recruitment research to help recruitment leaders and their recruiters focus on where and when they need to get mean and lean in their recruitment workflow!

We chatted about how and where recruiters can improve their recruiter performance.

Recruiters, Get On the Phone!

Josh and I have both been in recruitment for a while and the tried and tested recruitment mantra “get on the phone” has never been more relevant…


  • Only 10% of calls get answered

  • Call volume is up 200% - your candidates and clients are saturated with calls

  • But only 5% of voicemails get listened to.

So “get on the phone and hope” isn’t the way to go.

But what is? What do recruiters need to do to improve their recruiter performance? And how can we keep phone calls front and centre?

How Can the Phone Still Be “The Way” to Recruit and Sell? 

Josh and I talked about:

  1. With all of the recruitment technology available, how can you keep the recruitment process human?

  2. Where in the recruitment life cycle can recruiters improve their performance?

  3. How can video improve recruiter performance?

  4. Phone calls work IF you want and mean them to – but how?

  5. How can a recruiter generate heat?

  6. What’s Daley Thompson’s decathlon got to do with recruitment?

  7. Why does recruitment technology often not work in recruitment (hint – it’s got the word “training” in the answer)

  8. What are 85% of male recruiters also doing when they are most engaged with their mobile phones?

Recruitment leaders and recruiters – you want your phone calls to work! Listening / watching this recruitment podcast episode will help you use your mobile to improve your phone calls, candidates and clients, and sales.

Get at least one takeaway to help you improve recruiter performance and nail those phone calls.

Make Your Phone Calls Work! Listen and Watch


Thanks, Josh, for being such a great sport. You have such passion and purpose, and have so many valuable ideas around best practice and recruiter productivity and performance.

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… Talking of Recruiter Performance, Phone Calls, Productivity…


Improving recruiter performance and recruitment tech ROI comes from recruiter training.  Our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT is focussed on those 2 things.

Recruitment HIIT helps onboard new recruiters, and refresh experienced recruiters so they can improve their performance.

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