HIIT for Recruiters! 10 One-Minute Hacks for Recruiter Success


This hack is for recruiters who want to make more placements, money, be smart with their time, and impress their bosses (we’re hoping all of you!)  And if you’re a recruitment marketer or a recruiting leader, please share this with your lovely teams.

All recruiters want more time and more placements:

  • They want to source faster

  • They want to be smarter with their time

  • They want to work the right jobs

  • They want to get their boss off their backs (and impress them)

And the Obvious – You Want to Bill More

But you get into work, log on and it all goes Pete Tong. When it gets to 5pm you’re logging off (yeah right!) and are nowhere near achieving these critical objectives. But boy, have you been busy (but your boss is still not happy!)

Adapt, Bullhorn, LinkedIn, and of course job adverts and eshots are designed to improve speed and cost of hire… BUT – and this is a BIG BUT you are all too often getting bogged down in what you may see as admin and you will need the odd tip / hack to focus you attracting, sourcing, engaging and converting.

10 One-Minute Hacks every Recruiter Needs to do to Bill More (and Dump the “Admin”)

See this as a HIITs workout for recruitment! High intensity interval training. Each one of the below is a one minute strength exercise – “eat my dust” Joe Wicks!

  1. Check three of your clients’ LinkedIn pages and look for jobs / content. You never know what information / jobs/ movers and shakers you may see.  You may even see some candidates!

  2. Go into your notifications menu on LinkedIn, and check through your contacts. Look for birthdays, movers and shakers, job changes, job anniversaries (people with itchy feet?)

  3. Check just one LinkedIn group and see if there are any new jobs / discussions. Stop deleting those group digest emails – they have jobs in!

  4. Find 5 contacts on your CRM that you need to get into your active pipeline and send them something from your LinkedIn news feed.  Keep in their mind’s eye.

  5. Open your task list in your CRM and ensure you tackle key items for today; interview feedback, chasing up CVs sent, organising candidate registrations…

  6. Check your LinkedIn home page newsfeed and like / comment / share other’s content (it’s not all about you!) And don’t forget to Press the All Updates filter – you won’t have time to read everything.

  7. Nip into the Jobs part of LinkedIn and hunt for jobs that you can work, curse your clients for advertising without you, and curse your competitors for working on. And note, that you’ll even find talent in some jobs (oh my!)

  8. Make sure all of the leads you picked up yesterday logged into your CRM ready for today’s business development

  9. Head into the Barclay Jones blog and read the latest content – grab one idea and work it baby!

  10. Nip into one of your target companies on LinkedIn and attract attention by engaging with their latest updates; 71% of people who follow a company are job seekers – so get to the party and show your face on the dance floor.

Get focused and have a 10 minute routine to get your day started.

I’m off to start point one!

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate leads, and colleagues (3Cs).




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