Recruiters! What Do You Need to Do to be More Effective in 2020?


​With 2020 looming and a few things likely to happen between now and 31st of December recruitment leaders, their recruiters and recruitment marketers have got some time to think about their 2020 strategy and how it needs to help them generate more of the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues… and cash!

Recruiters and Marketers! What is Your Strategy for 2020?

The Annual Bullhorn Trends Survey has evolved into “The Grid” - a really useful resource pack specifically aimed at the recruitment industry.

Bullhorn have done a fantastic job bringing together some key information about global (and local!) recruitment within the UK and beyond!

It will help you gain perspective on your year in recruitment to date, and give you ideas on how you need to work next year to be more effective.

Shout Out to Bullhorn and 2020

We have a passion for helping recruiters (and their marketers) be more successful, so when we come across content which “nails it” we have to give it a shout out.

This Bullhorn Trends Grid goes way beyond many of the usual white papers you’ll see in our recruitment sector. It’s massively engaging and rich in thoughts, ideas and research.

Take a couple of minutes (coffee / wine) and scroll through, research / digest and plan your 2020 recruiting, sales and marketing strategy.

Watch the Video to See Our Takeaways​

​It’s so important for your business to train your recruiters to really monetise your Bullhorn CRM, this short video hack will help you achieve what we call “BullhornFirst.”



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