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Bullhorn Tip! It's Time to Multi-Task


​Recruiters! You check your emails 36 times an hour and are interrupted 56 times a day! And still you’re expecting to hit target without a hitch!

You need Bullhorn to help you with your time management! It can really help you simplify your hectic workload.

Recruiters! Multi-Task and Get Organised with Bullhorn

I have lost count of the amount of times a recruiter has told me there isn’t enough time in the day. You’re spinning lots of plates, hopping from one task to the next, and there can be many disruptions to your daily schedule.

What do you need to do today to deliver success?

  • Get hold of that target client?

  • Chase that big lead?

  • Follow-up on yesterday’s sent CVs?

  • Check in with your placed candidates?

This Bullhorn hack is just for you! A simple and effective list of all your key tasks right in your Bullhorn CRM. Easy to access, update and complete. It even comes with the option of integrated reminders to your email account. Nice!

We run the best Bullhorn Training, and create monthly recruiter hacks and tips to improve your speed and ROI.

Recruiters love this simple Bullhorn hack! I have shown many recruitment teams this tip during Bullhorn training sessions, and they are able to implement an immediate change to the way they organise themselves – saving precious time and delivering the best candidate and client experience.

  • How do you manage all your key activities?

  • Are you using multiple systems that don’t talk to each other?

  • Are you working hard to find what you need, or losing time duplicating work?

This Bullhorn hack will show you how to:

  1. Access your task list

  2. Sort and filter to find your tasks, due today

  3. Complete tasks

Watch This Bullhorn Hack

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