Bullhorn Training Tips for Busy Recruiters


Recruiters! We know how busy you are. Job adverts to write, candidates to interview, clients to invoice. Managing your candidates, clients, data, pipeline, and phone time can be a juggle.

Recruitment Leaders! Your recruiters need to convert more candidates and clients, and to have a healthy pipeline. Your Bullhorn CRM needs to make you money.

Recruitment Trainers! You need to fully understand Bullhorn and be able to train your recruiters to use Bullhorn in the most effective way.

Your Bullhorn CRM can really help you manage your time and pipeline! You all need to stay current with our best Bullhorn Tips.

We have a monthly newsletter full of Bullhorn Tips to help all 3 of you generate real ROI from your Bullhorn CRM.

Recruiters! So Many Candidates, So Little Time

Time is money, especially in recruitment. But you never have enough of it to properly manage your candidates and clients.

Did you know that you:

  • Check your emails 36 times an hour!

  • Are interrupted 56 a day

  • Attend 62 meetings a month

  • And the average recruiter spends 13 hours a week sourcing candidates for 1 job!

This is on top of rogue candidates applying for jobs that they’re not qualified for, and clients trying to drill down your fees while threatening to leave you for your competitors.

Do you sometimes feel like hitting something? Now’s your chance!

We use HIIT – high intensity interval training - to help Recruiters with what we call “BullhornFirst”.

Every month, we publish the Bullhorn HIIT the recruiters we train love the most, and you can receive them direct to your inbox.

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Why don’t you get a head start by checking out some of our Bullhorn hacks for recruiters?

Read more about how we train recruiters to source and convert more quickly, and develop healthy pipelines with our Recruitment Training.

HIIT Me, Recruiters!

And we’re about to launch Barclay Jones HIIT – an exciting recruitment training platform for recruiters to speedily learn skills to be more successful with Adapt, Bullhorn, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Inbound Sales, Digital and Email Marketing. Arrange a call with me here.




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