A 9-Minute Bullhorn HIIT to Improve Sales and Sourcing


Recruiters! We know you often feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to do all your admin AND really nail your sales targets. Bullhorn has some great features to make your life easier. But where do you start?

Do you ever log in to your Bullhorn CRM and think:

Am I using Bullhorn to its full potential?


How can I speed up my day?

A 9-Minute HIIT for Bullhorn Recruiters

Recruitment Leaders ask us to help their staff get more from Bullhorn. Often Recruiters have too much tech and not enough process, and it can feel like a bit of a mess.

You need to focus in on specific muscle groups (tasks) to speed up your day and HIIT (high intensity interval training) is key! Here are 9 simple, one-minute hacks to complete at the start of your day to get you off on the right foot. Grab some quick wins before your first cup of coffee has even started to cool down – go for that afterburn!

We have been talking about HIIT for a while now, and the benefits of short, sharp bursts of training that really sticks are far more impactful than long-winded full day recruitment training sessions.

94% of Recruiters

Did you know that 94% of recruiters prefer micro-learning (essentially HIIT), because they can juggle the demands of their jobs better? Recruiters need more time to bill, so ensuring that training is both time effective and really sticks is crucial to recruiter success.

These 9 one-minute Bullhorn hacks will help you to get yourself ship shape before your day has even properly begun:

  • boost your productivity

  • organise your day

  • improve the quality of your Bullhorn data for impressive sourcing results

  • generate key leads and job opportunities to convert

  • nurture and convert your existing candidate base

  1. This Simple Bullhorn Hack only needs to be done once, so straight away we have saved you a minute each day! You can automatically launch various entities or menu options when you first log into Bullhorn by updating your user preferences within your Tools menu. Perhaps you check your tasks list first thing every morning? Well, you can launch the tasks list automatically. This saves you a few clicks every day… but more importantly sets up the remaining 8 hacks by creating your morning task list.

  2. Review Your Open Vacancies - Run your 'favourite' search in your Bullhorn jobs list to review your list of open jobs. Assess, without leaving the list, which jobs need more focus today by adding the ‘shortlist’, ‘CV sent’ and ‘interview’ columns to your list. You can also use this time to close down any lost jobs and add in any new vacancies.

  3. Complete a Task – Open your Bullhorn task list, filter by your incomplete tasks for today and quickly complete one of your due tasks. It will feel great to have one important task ticked off immediately. Perhaps, you need to email a candidate to set up a call, chase an up to date CV, confirm terms with a client or even nudge a hiring manager to confirm an interview time?

  4. Plan Your Day – Or rather take a peek at the plan that has already been made for you by Bullhorn in the planner. Check you are prepared for today's upcoming pre-screens, client visits and interviews. Once you have logged these activities in Bullhorn they are automatically created in the planner. This would be a great time to send that good luck text or email to the candidate who has that 10am interview today?

  5. Blitz Your Candidate Data Quality - Run your 'favourite' search in the Bullhorn candidate list that shows you the added candidate from yesterday. Using the pre-saved columns you set up - you can review all important fields in one page and the in-line editing feature allows you to update any missing data without leaving the list. This will ensure that the Bullhorn searches you run tomorrow and in the future are worth their weight in gold.

  6. Set Your Goals - Review your activity from yesterday. Whether you are using Goals & Quotas, Reports or an integrated reporting solution you need to look at your core activity over the recent days / weeks and plan your goals for today. How many CV sends, Interviews, new jobs onboarded, or calls do you need to stay on target?

  7. Add a Lead - open your leads or opportunities list to review your sales activity. Add one more lead or opportunity to the list you are working on today. Think of all the conversations you had yesterday and add that lead you picked up that you didn't have time to add yesterday, add that lead you just picked up on your morning LinkedIn scroll, or pick a target client and add that new contact or job you just saw on their website.

  8. Get a Quick Send Out - Look at your open jobs and pick one that is similar to jobs you have worked in the past (think of a time when you have sent similar candidates through Bullhorn). Open your shortlist and filter on similar job titles to bring up a list of candidates that progressed to CV send or interview in previous months. These candidates are hot, relevant and will take your call. Get a quick win by recycling your previous pipeline.

  9. Build Your Contact Spec List - which hot new candidate will you eshot out today? Run a contact search for relevant hiring managers based on their desired skills, categories and industries as well as postcode radius, and quickly check they are still relevant and have a valid email address. Do a quick tidy and the list is ready for your eshot later today...

Want to be a super-effective recruiter? Check out our Our Top Bullhorn CRM Hacks for Recruiters and our 9 Minute HIIT to help you get on the phone.​

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate leads, and colleagues (3Cs).




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