Our Top 3 Bullhorn CRM Hacks for Recruiters


Whenever we speak to recruiters and recruitment leaders in our Bullhorn training sessions, we encounter the same issues over and over again – lack of time, lack of candidates or clients, too much data and not enough information.

Your Bullhorn CRM is powerful recruitment software that can save you a lot of time, improve your productivity, give you more phone and face time, make you money. You need to make sure your recruiters are fully up to speed.

Improve Data, Master Sourcing, Fill Jobs Quicker, and Monetise your Bullhorn CRM!

Did you know that 2/3rds of recruiters quit their jobs last year saying that lack of training was the main reason? The average recruitment business loses £10k per recruiter every time someone leaves. If you take into consideration the fact that recruitment businesses spend a lot of money on seemingly expensive tech that doesn’t get used (because nobody knows how to use it to its full potential… or understands the value it can add when used properly), you can see a definite pattern starting to emerge.

We’ve put together this list of your favourite Bullhorn CRM hacks to give you busy recruiters a kick towards becoming Bullhorn CRM wizards (and ultimately making you more money).

Put Your Candidates on the Map!

Many of us are visual creatures, and Recruiters and Resourcers are no different! But the recruitment process doesn’t feel very visual does it? Typical no?

But wouldn’t it be great if your Bullhorn CRM system could give you some visual insights? Like show you where your relevant candidates are located in relation to the role you're sourcing? Visually? On one screen?


Find Your Candidates in Bullhorn Faster than the Bullhorn Fastfind!

This Bullhorn Training hack is perfect for Recruiters, Resourcers and Administrators who want to find their best candidates and clients incredibly quickly in Bullhorn.

You will no doubt be juggling multiple roles and candidates. Without Bullhorn it would be easy to lose track of your next key task. This 1-minute Bullhorn Hack video will show you how to access your important records faster than even Bullhorn’s speedy “fastfind”.


Improve Speed and Collaboration with Bullhorn CRM Internal Notify!

This Bullhorn CRM tip is a favourite of recruiters and recruitment resourcers working in a fast-paced recruitment business, who want to find and update their candidates and clients quickly, so that they can place more speedily.

We know that you’re often hopping from one candidate record to the next and juggling multiple clients and jobs at once. This hack will let you manage multiple records quickly whilst collaborating with key members of your recruitment team.


It’s so important for your business to train your recruiters to really monetise your Bullhorn CRM, this short video hack will help you achieve what we call “BullhornFirst.”



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