How to Make Recruiters More Productive (and Automated?) with Rec Expo London


​Recruiters need more time, engaged candidates, and a stronger sales pipeline.

Recruitment Leaders need that too, plus, trained and engaged recruiters, tech ROI, best practice, profit, and stability.

I recently spoke at the Recruitment Agency Expo London on the topic 'Automation - How to Improve Recruiter Performance" and I wanted to share my talk and takeaways.

​Improving Recruiter Performance With Automation

Now more than ever improving recruiter productivity and performance is critical. But with potentially too much recruitment technology and data, and not enough process and best practice, productivity is hard to deliver, measure, and manage. Performance is hard to improve. And in the middle of all this, economic and environmental factors are creating so much distraction.

But if you could automate what you can, and train what's left (the good stuff!), then your recruitment data, your database, and your 3Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues) will be in a really good place, perhaps even 1st place.

At RecExpo London I talked about:

  1. The barriers to great recruiter performance.

  2. How to make marginal gains and what Kaizen has to say about being "lean" (and mean!) and what recruitment leaders can use from this model.

  3. How can you de-administrate and re-humanise your recruitment business with recruitment automation, so you can improve recruiter performance?

  4. Where can recruitment automation have the most impact? Clean data, candidate sourcing, screening, candidate and client management and experience, sales?

  5. What tips do I share for how recruitment automation can add pain and stress relief.

  6. Why recruitment automation is great for startups, as well as "big fish" recruiters.

  7. How do you get started with recruitment automation?

Read Lisa's Slides on Automation Improving Recruiter Performance


... Talking of Improving Recruiter Performance...

We are focused on improving recruiter performance and we do this with automation and training.

  • We implement Bullhorn Automation for recruiters new to this software. Plus, we add serious turbo to recruiters who already have Bullhorn Automation through coaching and building programs.

  • Our high intensity interval training platform - Recruitment HIIT has speedy 5-minute recruitment best practice, Bullhorn, and other great rectec training. It saves recruitment leaders time by speedily onboarding new recruiters, whilst helping busy experienced recruiters make crucial marginal gains.

Automate whatever you can - then train on the good stuff. De-administrate and re-humanise recruitment.




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