Luke's Recruitment Story

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Technology didn’t feature too much and was more of a luxury treat for Friday games nights with Luke’s family. When they weren’t playing board games with their parents he and his sister would compete on Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Luke still remembers his best friend getting a Nintendo 64 for his birthday and spending every daylight hour of the summer holidays playing GoldenEye.

That all changed when his Dad bought their first Windows PC and Luke suddenly developed a passion for interior design whilst building new houses on The Sims, creating a new game and starting all over again.

In between lectures at University Luke spent his time playing Pro Evolution Soccer with his housemates on the PlayStation 2. They once stayed up all night trying to win the world cup with England the day before Germany 2006 started.

He’s been very loyal with mobile phones having stuck with a Nokia for 10 years, iPhone for 7 and only recently making the move to Android.