From Dustman to Recruitment Data Scientist… Some Seriously Great Advice for Recruitment Marketers


Recruitment Leaders and their marketers who need their marketing to be sales-led: about convertible leads, retained candidates, recruiter attraction, need to listen to this Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.

Today the focus of this Recruitment Leaders’ podcast is recruitment marketing driving sales.  This is a crucial listen for recruitment leaders and their marketers – and recruiters who know that getting on the “right side” of marketing may be the key to their sales pipeline success!

Recruitment Marketing, Data and Hacks for Recruiters!

If we have learned anything from the last 24 months, cleaning up your data (because the government told you to) may not necessarily get you the financial benefits that your common sense tells you you should be getting from a clean database…

I’m joined by someone who can bring data cleanliness and recruitment marketing to whole a new level.  Starting as a dustman (who’d have known?)  Segued into website build.  Became the mighty Broadbean’s 3rdemployee.  Then moved to Ebsta.

Ricky Wheeler’s purpose at Cube19is to help recruiters generate growth from decisions based on real-time recruitment data.

It’s all been about recruitment data (and the odd bit of “dirt”).

We talked about two recruitment marketing topics:

1. What Tips Can Ricky Give to Recruitment Marketers?

What has Ricky learned about recruitment marketing from his vast experience in some high performing recruitment software businesses?  He answered the following questions:

  • What are Ricky’s “hacks” for successful recruitment marketing?

  • How do marketers make their functions a profit, rather than a cost, centre?

  • How does Ricky define a high-performance marketing team look like?

  • How do marketers navigate the (what I call) the marketing “love-in” that I see online and at events, which really offer little value, but give generic “tips” on marketing, but often don’t really add any real substance to help the average recruitment marketer add real value to the recruiting workflow?

  • How can recruitment events REALLY work? (when so many of them don’t work…)

What do recruitment leaders and recruiters need to “do” with their marketer to get real value and how does the marketer interact with their leaders and internal clients to ensure that they deliver the 4Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!)

2. What does Ricky think that Recruitment Marketers need to do with their data…

… to help them become more effective?

  • Which data does a recruitment marketer actually need?

  • How do recruitment marketers actually help the sales funnel?

  • How do personas actually help recruitment marketers with their content / SEO strategy?

  • Where does recruitment CRM fit into a recruitment marketer toolkit?

  • Which tools are critical to a recruitment marketer? And which is the most important recruitment marketing tool?

Recruitment Leads / MQLs / SQLs

We discussed recruitment leads – and our tips for lead generation for recruitment leads, where recruitment CRM fits and how to manage the leads into successful conversion.  It’s about MQLs (marketing qualified leads) enabling SQLs (sales qualified leads) … and our thoughts that if you’re waiting for automation to transform your business then you’re likely to stagnate your growth by not engaging data and humans in the best way.

And what do recruitment leaders and their time-starved recruiters need to stop asking their recruitment marketers to do?

We also talked about my concept of the “dashboard recruiter” – you can also hear more thoughts on this in my Mark Hodgkinson “Taming your Recruitment Data” Podcast.

And read more about how I work with recruitment marketers to generate leads, candidates and recruiters on my Recruitment Marketing Mentoring Program.

Listen to the podcast below.

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