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I’m a Recruiter, I Don’t Ask for Recommendations! (Especially on LinkedIn!)


As a recruiter you need "social proof" - people in your network who think that you're ace and are prepared to recommend that others work with you. You need candidates telling other candidates, and clients telling other clients:

that recruiter is really trustworthy

that recruiter was really helpful and made sure I was kept in the loop at every stage of the interview process

that recruiter sent me some great candidates - candidates that I could not have found myself

Gold dust!

Getting a recommendation? Easy peasy!

Getting the right ones that will elevate your LinkedIn profile to the top of searches, get your profile looked at by more of your ideal clients and candidates, getting it seen by Google - that's what this blog is about.

Recruiter! Be 1 of the 90%

9 out of 10 purchases happen because of peer recommendations. You may think you have LinkedIn ‘nailed’ – lots of connections, the odd status update and countless job updates, and lots of time each day trawling for new candidates… sound familiar? You may even think you have some great testimonials on your website...

Well, it’s definitely a start but what would REALLY thrust you into the LinkedIn / Google limelight in front of current and prospective connections (candidates and clients)?

Well how about a nice big, fat, juicy recommendation, full of persona-led keywords and content which demonstrates your niche and how you take away the pain?

LinkedIn Recommendations, Skills Endorsements, Case Studies and Testimonials

For those that don’t know, a LinkedIn Recommendation is not one of those one-click-skills-endorsements.  A LinkedIn Recommendation is found in your LinkedIn profile (below your current and previous roles) and is usually written by someone that has had a great experience of working with you – NOT a random work colleague! As nice as it sounds, the image of you sat on a colleague’s lap whilst stroking each other’s hair is all I see when you recommend each other…

A recommendation is social proof of you. It is proof that you are a good recruiter and that you deliver solutions to candidate and client pain.

Plus, back that up with a decent keyword stuffed case study - AGAIN what the pain is and what you did to take the pain away...

Grow a Pair and Ask, Recruiters!

You will find that most clients and candidates will say they will recommend you but then never find the time to actually do it. No problem – you write it!

I am of course not recommending that you blow your own trumpet – the client and candidate need to tell you / remind themselves of how awesome you really are! Ask them for their help (they’ll say yes!) and then ask them these 3 simple questions over the phone when they are in their happy place (normally when they have both accepted each other and have big smiley faces):

  1. Why did you work with me?

  2. How did I help you?

  3. Would you be happy to work with me again?

Draft a very brief 2-3 line paragraph and email it back to the candidate/client via the ‘Ask to be Recommended’ button on their LinkedIn profile.

When they receive the LinkedIn message it will be clear that all they have to do is copy the text, hit ‘Recommend’ button, paste the text and hit ‘Send’. Simples!

Recommendations = MASSIVE Technology Explosion!

As soon as your contact adds the recommendation it is visible in their timeline, waking up the contact database of your contact (and these people are likely to be just like them…)

The recommendation also appears in your timeline (if you remember to accept it when you receive the LinkedIn message). Boom! Your contacts are woken up too! Your profile views will increase

  • You will have excuses to get back in touch with people, grab a phone call / coffee / job / CV

  • Your face will be forever on the person who has recommended you LinkedIn profile (and their face on yours!)

So recruiters. Don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation you deserve it! Promise yourself to ask for a recommendation from the candidate and client on your next placement – just do it!  And then rinse and repeat.

My final tip? Timing is key – ask for it straight away!

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

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