Best Adapt Training Tips for Recruiters

Adapt Tip for Recruiters Who Need More Time and Friends


​All Recruitment Consultants and Resourcers using Adapt need to know this simple and effective hack, and likely save 13 hours a week and make more friends whilst they're at it! Watch this Adapt tip and make more calls and generate a stronger pipeline.

It will help you streamline your sourcing and business development processes and allow you to collaborate effectively as a team. After all, 40% of recruiters said that their number one goal is to improve the candidate experience and Adapt processes can drive this. 1 in 3 recruiters feel that they are not using their technology well enough to improve internal operations want to fix this issue.

We want to save you clicks and time spent on lengthy tasks, and definitely want to help you reduce duplication – something that is rife across recruitment.

How Can Adapt Give You More Time, and Make You More Friends?

You have sourced from Adapt first to quickly access the best, relevant candidates… the ones you already have a relationship with and will take your call.

That’s a great start!

But your colleague is spending time finding the same candidates, or even worse, not finding the right candidates. This Adapt tip will help you share your saved candidate lists to source effectively as a team. This Adapt Training hack can also help with marketing content to nurture your candidate database, provide leads for colleagues in different teams, or even help your back office team effectively manage your temps and contractors efficiently and with the best service.

We have the best Adapt Training on our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT, and this includes helping you with tips on how Adapt can save you time (so you can bill and sleep more!)

  • Do you spend too much time on internal recruitment processes?

  • Do you need to work better as a team?

  • Is your candidate and client experience top notch and helps you improve your speed of placement?

This Adapt training tip will show you how to:

  1. Hand over tasks to a colleague – using Adapt

  2. Save time building saved lists

  3. Send the best talent pool to a colleague quickly


​​Our Adapt HIIT series helps recruiters and resourcers to:

  1. Navigate around your Adapt CRM speedily to save time.

  2. Turbo boost your candidate sourcing strategies.

  3. Improve BD, account management, and your client relationships

  4. Effectively and speedily manage your jobs and placement process.

And all the while focussing on using Adapt first to improve the way you source, engage, nurture, and place your candidates.

If you're an existing HIIT client login and complete the workout.

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Recruitment Training

This video is part of a series of recruitment trainings in Recruitment HIIT, our online recruitment training platform.

Our training helps new and experienced recruiters qualify their jobs, speedily source and advertise, and improve their screening. It boosts CV to interview ratios, whilst giving great tips to prevent counter offers, and secure the placement and beyond.

Plus, if you have Bullhorn, Analytics, Automation, SourceBreaker, LinkedIn, Calendly, Teams, Daxtra, Broadbean, idibu, Hinterview, Paiger, Adapt, we train on those too!


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