Recruiters! Speed Up with this Adapt Hack on Quick Book


​This awesome Adapt hack is for temp recruiters or resourcers who need to manage all of their bookings in one place. It’s a 1-minute hack to save you time filling your jobs when rebooking your regular temps.

Recruiters! Does Your Boss Tell You Off for Not Putting Bookings Onto Adapt?

We run the best Adapt Training and publish regular recruiter hacks to help recruiters become more effective on their Adapt CRM.

This hack will show you how to fill an assignment whilst adding a job in one action.

Recruiters we work with say “When we take bookings in volume, this hack makes it really quick and easy on Adapt. It cuts my admin time in half!”

  • Speed up rebooking your regular workers

  • Perfect for short duration/high volume bookings such as industrial, social and education desks

  • Access your A* candidates and place them into jobs quicker

We love this Adapt hack because it makes your workflow super simple and means recruiters can gain back critical time on the phone with candidates! It increases system engagement and enables managers to pull accurate reports from Adapt. It will stop duplication of work and tracking workers outside of your CRM e.g. Spreadsheets.

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