6 Reasons Why Online Recruitment Training is a Goal for 2023


​Recruitment leaders wanting to improve the performance of their recruiters has never been a more valid goal.

  • Perhaps you’re looking to scale your recruitment business this year?

  • Or stay the same size, but do more with what you already have (people, data, systems)?

Don’t mess up the chance to improve recruiter performance by ignoring what’s “between the chair and the keyboard”. You need an agile, cost-effective, inclusive recruitment training solution, to improve / scale / protect your recruitment business.

(If you have an online recruitment training platform already, try our online learning engagement tips to ensure you generate ROI! And read below for a pep talk on how you can get buy-in for your recruitment LMS.)

Improving Recruiter Performance Has Never Been Easier

I’ve written about Kaizen, 1% marginal gains, and improving recruiter performance. I've presented at the Recruitment Agency Expo about improving recruiter performance with automation.

Kaizen is about standards, reduced waste, high-performance - which is a passion for my clients.

Now is the perfect opportunity for recruitment leaders to "Kaizen".

Scale at Speed – Improve Performance

Before the pandemic, 70% of recruiters admitted that they didn’t have enough training. Even if that's not true of your recruitment business, it’s likely since 2020 you’ve been “a little” distracted to focus on totally fixing recruiter performance.

Recruitment training is obviously key…

But your goals for training are often not achieved by traditional training and recruitment coaching. (And often the only people who get full ROI from training are those who deliver it and charge you for it.)

Now with systems evolution, data volumes, and hybrid working, a new approach is needed.

… This is where online training steals the march.

​6 Reasons Why Online Recruitment Training is a Must

1. It's Cheaper and Agile

  • You can either spend £€$1,000s getting recruiters in the same place at the same time, turn off the phones, worry about missed opportunities, and run a “let’s hope this works” recruitment training session.


Online training platforms can be accessed throughout the year, 24/7, and they are normally cheaper than other training/trainers.

You're likely looking for stronger screening and job qualification, improving CRM adoption, and reduced reliance on job boards. Use cost-effective online learning to create best-practice agility.

2. Less Reliance on You – Less Stress

This is definitely a year to be working on your business, so the time-consuming task of you and your managers training new starters needs a rethink. I spoke with a recruitment manager recently who admitted 2 things:

  1. She didn’t know Bullhornwell enough to train her new starter (a common case study).

  2. When she hired a new recruiter, her fees dropped significantly for 3 months.

Online recruitment training helped her rapidly re-skill, and took away the pressure of onboarding new recruiters. Online learning provided the training for her rookies, and she did the coaching and bingo! The rookies started billing quicker too!

It's gold dust for me when I get a new starter. I save huge amounts of time when onboarding them. I can still run my desk. (And, Recruitment HIIT has opened my eyes to how I can use Bullhorn, too.)

3. More Effective

Online learning boasts retention rates at a massive 60% (compared to 10% traditional training) and you learn 5 x more with online learning.

Plus, learning at your desk – in the environment where you are delivering your job – is more effective.

Online learning is often minutes not hours. I know in recruitment speed is just as important as pipeline.

Yes, we’ve all had horrific, disengaging, online learning experiences. Don’t let past experiences prevent future gains. Plus new recruiters prefer online.

Whether it’s increased sourcing speed, or improving CV to Interview ratios, you need quick, self-serve effective recruitment training. You can’t afford to not improve.

I am building trust quickly and becoming more efficient. HIIT has created flexibility for me to train myself at my desk whilst I am doing my job. And I can quickly re-fresh the training whenever I want.

4. It’s “Just in Time” and Easier

Freeing up a team of busy recruiters, and getting them all synchronised and focussed is a tough gig.

Why disrupt your recruiters when they can log on for 5 minutes, learn a new recruiting hack, log off, and get back on the phone and practice what they’ve learned?

“Always on”, continuous learning for recruiters is key to creating accountability and a sense of recruiters feeling in control of their careers.

Got a counteroffer? Login and complete a 5-minute workout to tackle it head-on. A recruiter told me:

I got a counteroffer. I went back to the online training I'd already completed. I took notes which helped me get back on the phone and ensure that the candidate was attracted by the role, not the money.

5. It’s Inclusive, Hybrid and Remote Friendly

I get that managing a remote/hybrid recruitment team is challenging.

Maintaining standards, keeping everyone engaged, and delivering “your way” was tough enough pre-pandemic.

Now, with online learning tools, you have a chance to attract, engage, and nurture your recruiters. (Neat tip: with online training, you can give your recruiters access to their online training platform before they even start to ensure that they stay engaged and don’t drop out.)

Plus, if your training platform is gamified, your recruiters will see each other online and feel more connected. You’re creating a community for your potentially disconnected recruiters.

6. Prevents Churn

Glib quotes around not training recruiters and having them stay are not needed here.

Acknowledge that recruiters crave training and will leave without it. In fact, a whopping 2/3 of people leave due to lack of training.

The last thing any recruitment leader needs right now is to lose valuable recruiters, or indeed take too long to train new starters.

I left my previous recruitment job as I didn’t have enough training. HIIT is priceless. It gives me that edge over other recruiters.

More Reasons Online Recruitment Training Works

Other viable reasons why online training is crucial in recruitment. Recruitment training:

  • Gives recruiters control – accountability.

  • Better for the environment.

  • Gamification drives engagement and performance.

  • Flexible and mobile – where you want, when you want.

  • Self-paced – different people learn at different speeds hence you need to allow for that.

  • Improves the ROI from your internal training. Trainers can focus more on coaching performance rather than repeatedly training new recruits - blended learning works.

Final Word on Recruitment Training

Whether you’re looking to improve your recruiter performance, generate ROI from your people, data, systems, or just create a better experience for your candidates and clients, training is crucial.

Just be sure that the recruiter training you buy is engaging, easy, self-serve, relieves stress and pressure on you and your team, and is cost-effective.

And if you have an online platform already, try our online learning engagement tips to ensure you generate ROI from that!

​...Talking of Online Recruitment Training...


Recruitment HIIT trains recruiters and resourcers so you can speedily onboard new starters, and improve the performance of experienced recruiters.

Bullhorn (and Adapt) hacks, job qualification, screening, sourcing, job advertising, and counteroffer immunity, are just some of the 5-minute topics recruiters love.




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