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Recruiters! Protect your Candidates from the Competition with this Adapt Hack


This Adapt training hack is for recruiters who need to be able to stop their candidates working with other recruiters. With 60% of candidates reporting their experience being poor (an all-time low!) this is a crucial Adapt tip!

This one-minute Adapt tip will help you to re-engage with your existing candidates, improve your candidates' experience, and ensure that they do not need to work with another recruiter.

Recruiters! Don’t Give Candidates the Cold Shoulder!

Recruiters tell us that we run the best Adapt Training, and every month we create a quick Adapt video hack to help you improve speed and sourcing. We know you need more time to bill!

It’s not just clients that feel the cold. Keep your candidates toastie warm with this little-known Adapt training hack.

  • Perhaps you already know you have the perfect candidate in your Adapt system, but you’re not sure when to reach out to them

  • Are you missing vital opportunities to re-engage with candidates coming to the end of their assignments? You need to actively look after them

  • Are you at risk of losing money to your competitors by simply not looking like you care?

  • Do you wish that there was a way to see, at-a-glance, the candidates that are ripe for recruiting into their next placement and your next sale?

Adapt Studios are at the heart of your Adapt success – they help recruiters with their most common problem – managing their data and turning it into cash!

The recruiters I train on Adapt love how this feature helps them to close sales quicker whilst working more effectively with their top notch candidates. They love how this helps them to protect their candidates and thus their sales pipeline.

Watch this Adapt Training Hack​

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate leads, and colleagues (3Cs).




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