Adapt Hack: Fill Jobs Quicker Using the Candidates to Approach Feature in Adapt


This Adapt hack is for the recruiters who want to speed up the way they fill their jobs using data they already have in Adapt. This 1-minute Adapt CRM hack will enable you to locate preferred candidates quickly to fill those fast-paced temp and contract bookings with ease.

Recruiters! Find The Right Candidates Quickly in Your Adapt CRM!

We run the best Adapt training and publish regular recruiter hacks to help recruiters become more effective with Adapt! We know that as a busy recruiter you need to save time so you can place jobs quicker.

  • Maybe you have lots of great candidates but struggling to identify the ones that have already expressed interest in a client?

  • Do you have lots of jobs to place and struggling to place roles quickly?

  • You need to retain existing clients and service them with the staff they love!

This Adapt Hack will help you to place jobs more quickly by identifying the candidates who have worked with the client previously and have been requested back. It will enable you to find the best candidates quicker giving you an unrivalled advantage over your competitors.

This is a really useful Adapt feature – it will transform your recruitment workflow, leaving you more time for crucial phone time. It is great for recruiting in teams and the perfect handover for holidays and annual leave.

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