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Suggestions for Helping Your Recruiters Return to Work After Lockdown


​I attended one of the great interactive webinars that APSCo are running to help their recruitment members stay focused, motivated, and give them tools to run their business during and beyond Covid and lockdown. Here are some of the tips I gleaned, and a few of my own.

We're all trying to plan for the future, either by the day, week, or month. We are focused on keeping our staff motivated and our businesses sustainable. Whether you have furloughed your team, or have people working from home, or indeed back in the office, there is so much to think about to ensure that the disruption of the Coronavirus is within your control and limited as much as possible.

Recruitment Leaders Suggestions for Helping Your Recruiters Return to Work After Lockdown

  • Survey your workforce - what is their setup / ideal outcome from working from home / coming back in

  • If you have an "informal" arrangement for working from home, start planning to make your approach more formal, so that you don't inadvertently set a precedent that you cannot sustain

  • If you are bringing people back, try to stick to certain days so you can "max" the atmosphere

  • Focus on training your management team to be able to remotely manage their teams - this is crucial. Their management skills will get your through this time.

  • Don't ignore the people in the office, in favour of furloughed staff and vice versa. Both will need you equally.

  • Keep people engaged - great ideas: coffee mornings / gin sessions (Friday PM?) and pub quizzes, but not simply general knowledge - matching baby pictures to staff is a great way to engage

  • Bringing furloughed staff back to work (whether working from home or in the office) - what is your plan for onboarding - ie. transitioning them back to being productive?

  • Ensure that holidays are booked and that your teams know, that if they are furloughed, that there is a financial incentive to book hols as they get 100% of their salary for the days that they are on holiday. (This will also help you manage capacity and output when everyone returns...)

  • Focus on skills not jobs... what can you people and teams actually deliver that will have a positive impact on your business? All hands to the pumps?

My Suggestions for Helping Your Recruiters Return to Work After Lockdown

  1. Obviously we are all using Zoom or Teams for meetings, BUT have you considered just having them on "all day" so the office is visible and feels less disparate?

  2. How are you ensuring that your process / goals / KPIs are clear and measurable (ideally using speedy tech that you already have?)

  3. Humans still need to feel included, loved, that they are making a positive impact - how will you ensure you focus on mental well being / inclusion?

  4. Have you actually trained your teams on MS Teams / Zoom - there are some awesome features to help you use this kit better (blog to follow!)

  5. Trial our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT - grab a free trial. It has some fantastic resources for recruiters - all around 5-10 mins long, to help them with Bullhorn, Adapt, and Job Adverts.

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