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Save Recruiters 1 Hour a Day - So They Can Bill and Sleep More


Recruitment Leaders! You need a time machine - a machine which goes back way before Covid and creates a fitter, more robust team of recruiters and marketers! More leads are needed, more of the right candidates, more effective recruiters - more time!

Oh, for the opportunity to go back to Sept 2019 and know what was coming, have a plan, and say:

This is what I need to do to get through the next year!

Recruiters: Working, Furlough, Redundant

​Your staff have either been:

  1. Working as smart as they can throughout the pandemic

  2. On furlough

  3. Made redundant

Whatever stress you and your business have been under, now that the kids are back at school, and that we are all trying to get back to a new normal, time is more precious than ever. You need more of it! What do you need to do in the next 3 months to generate more business? How do you get your team and business “fit”?

Your sales, recruiting, and marketing teams need to get fit, and be desk and time effective – but perhaps they have dirty data, numerous systems, and not the right content and process to generate warm calls?

Whatever they have, and whatever you think they need, the one constant is TIME. More time means more sales... Where do you and your team sit in this recruitment sales target grid? And if you save time every day, what potential target does that give you?

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​Recruiters Need More Time

We can't turn back the clock, we can only look forward. Looking forward means being aware of what we have, and what we need, and having a plan.

Our goals are clearly to rebuild / strengthen / grow our recruitment business, through people, data, process and recruitment systems. We've never had more data or systems, but our people can prevent all of this being connected through smart processes.

But too often I come across recruitment businesses who have no budget for training - it has been spent on tech and there's an assumption that tech is intuitive and automation will fix your problems! But technology is run by humans and automation is programmed by humans. And recruiters are only human:

  • We have an attention span of 20 minutes. (Decreased by about 12 minutes in the past decade).

  • Our short-term memory can hold up to 7 pieces of information at the same time... But only for around 20 seconds!

  • According to a study conducted in 2001, left-handed people have better memories.

  • You have an average of 70,000 thoughts in a day.

And in the middle of this, 90% of what you learn is forgotten within a week. Not great when you need to strengthen your pipeline, and your staff are not as effective as you need them to be, before Covid, let alone now!

Online Recruitment Training

There's a fix for the problem between the chair and the keyboard - training - whether it be Bullhorn, Herefish, Adapt, or other recruitment training. But it needs to be continuous. Forgetting 90% of what you've learned only generates income for the trainer, not the trainee.

  • Continuous training improves sales by 50%

  • 94% of people prefer micro learning (HIIT!)

And with the working from home model we need to adapt to, we need training to be online on demand, and speedy.

My Mission this year is to save every recruiter I work with an hour a day so that they can bill more (or sleep more!) That's 30 working days a year! And a £200k recruiter will have the potential to bill a further £25,000! (10 recruiters? That's £250,000!)

What are your recruiters capable of billing?

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker and develop healthy pipelines, and helps marketers generate more of the 3Cs. We aim to save every recruiter and marketer at least 1 hour per day - more billing time, more fees!




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