Recruiters! What Did Clive Tell Me About How to Win in Recruitment?


Recruitment Leaders want to win.  Recruiters want to win.  Clive Woodward has some valuable ideas on how recruitment leaders can use technology to win - and he has a proven process for making this work - so read this blog, recruitment leaders!

What Did Clive Woodward Tell Me About How to Win?

I was honoured to be asked by Kevin Green to speak at his London Scaleup event.  Also on the stage was Clive Woodward.

Like anyone with a pulse, the idea of what he achieved with the England Rugby team makes me stand up straighter and pay attention.

The story he told about how he got his team to win is pretty well known, but the slant on technology was what caught my ears (and heart).

Whoever Wins in IT Tends to Win

Recruiters all over the globe, paralysed by options and given instructions to “get on the phone” are underperforming – and in a market which is saturated with technology designed to find “purple squirrels”.

So when Clive Woodward tells 100 recruitment leaders at the REC that he gives men with thumbs the size of my 4 year old’s fist a laptop and sports analytics software Prozone I’m very excited!  He tells us that this was a major factor in their winning the world cup.

Grown men needing software to become great?  Isn’t it just about grabbing a ball, eating some steak and smashing people’s faces in?  No – clearly not… or we’d not have lost so many matches before Clive came along.

Why are Recruitment Companies Often so Bad at Tech?

Recruitment leaders never needed tech in their day (wit, rolodex and phone were key pieces of equipment).  Apparently younger recruiters know what to do with tech… and training has become a dirty word in many recruitment firms.  Training takes time and costs money – oh dear!

Recruitment Software companies often define their software as so intuitive that you don’t need training.  Some software companies even offer training for free – which again devalues the most important part of any recruitment technology installation – the human bit (the bit which nearly always fails!)  Humans need process, routine and support to be great!  Not investing in continuous training for your teams to use your most expensive asset is insane. There’s zero ROI!

Alternatively, some recruitment software companies offer days and days of training – highlighting that their software is complex.

All of the above wastes time (billing time), and stops recruiters picking up the ball and running like the wind!

Clive Woodward Said…

He said plenty of amazing things and the leaders in the room were transfixed.  This is what made me put pen to paper whilst he was talking about the DNA of a Champion:

  • If they didn’t have the IT skills, they didn’t stay in the team”

  • Data, data, data

  • Great teams contain great individuals

  • Once players analysed their performance they really started to understand the game and the team they played for and against

  • We used software to leverage our talent

  • I don’t care how old you are, you need to get involved

Which stands out for you?  How can you apply what he said to your business?  Most leaders I work with are highly competitive, keen to grow and be profitable.  All of the above is relevant.

So, Recruitment Leaders, ask yourselves.  What are you doing with technology to make your business great?  How are you getting your teams engaged in processes and systems?  Are you buying them kit and it’s sink or swim?

Invest Tonnes of Cash Just to Stay the Same?

One of my clients recently said:

I refuse to invest in all of this technology just to stay the same

Wise words…

How are you going to end this year with effective recruiters, systems which deliver ROI and a finance director not frowning at the balance sheet after you’ve invested some of your profit?

CRM, job board posting, analytics, LinkedIn Recruiter – don’t invest all that money just to stay the same…

Clive says “whoever wins in IT tends to win”. Inspiring.

We work with Recruitment and IT leaders to deliver an ROI and sales-led recruitment technology strategy. Our mantra is “CRMFirst”!

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