Manchester Recruiters! Could This Be Your Missing Link to More Fees?


So you are a Manchester (or nearby) recruiter who needs to generate more of your 3Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues) – and you’re too busy to know where to start?  Read this recruitment blog and watch this short video: this is really going to help you focus your efforts on growing your pipelines and teams.

Manchester Recruitment is the Best!

What’s this? Manchester’s recruitment scene is outperforming the rest of the North!? Great news for you Mancunian recruiters, but don’t get complacent! There’s fierce competition in the recruitment industry (with over 9000 new agencies opening in 2017 alone) so it’s more important than ever that you stay ahead of the pack and future-proof your recruitment business.

I love to find advice and information specifically for northern recruitment businesses, and as the title suggests, the latest APSCo and VacancySoft Regional Trends Report for Northern England has exactly that. It often seems that there isn’t enough data and help out there for recruitment businesses ‘Up North’, so I’m delighted with this report!

Get Smart, Manchester Recruiters!

It’s time to get ahead of the game and review your strategy, focus on relationship building and researching how changes your niche will impact your tactics over the next 12 months.

This report gives critical insight into which sectors are growing and changing in the North West, how the market is performing and what recruitment agencies need to focus on this year to remain profitable and successful.

Data is The New Oil – Use it!

There’s vital stats and data in this report that can help inform your decisions over the next twelve months and propel your recruitment business forward. Now we can’t give away too much, but there’s a few key points to consider:

  • Manchester recruiters are outperforming the rest of the North so far – so pat yourselves on the back!

  • Manchester is a key city for development in the North – how are you going to stay ahead of the competition, knowing this?

  • The report outlines which industries in the area are booming (TMT recruiters listen up!) take advantage of this to help you develop your niche and generate leads

  • There are new businesses arriving in the North West with big hiring plans, and you should be networking with them! (use this info speak to your consultants about where they should be focusing their attention!)

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate clients, and colleagues (3Cs).




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