Recruiter Adapt Hack! Use Adapt Favourites to Turbo Boost your Recruitment Desk


This Adapt hack is for recruiters who need to be super-effective on Adapt Recruitment CRM (all of you!)

Recruiters, you will love this Adapt hack!

Do you ever find that you’re having to search for your regular candidates, contacts and companies using fast find/quick find over and over again?

We totally get that this isn’t using your time effectively so we’ve created this awesome Recruiter Hack video showing how Adapt Favourites can SAVE YOU TIME!

Using your People and Companies home page you can access all of your regular candidates, contacts and companies as quick as a flash all in one page!

We want to prevent you from wasting precious time searching through records and to place more jobs!

Watch our video on Using Adapt Favourites to Turbo Boost your Recruitment Desk!

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