Best Adapt Training For Recruiters

Recruiters! Turn Your Data into Cash with your Adapt CRM


This Adapt CRM Training hack is for Recruiters who want to be more organised and make quicker matches between your top candidates and jobs.

Recruiters! Place More Candidates and Place Quicker Using Adapt

Recruiters tell us that we run the best Adapt Training and every month we create a quick Adapt video hack to help recruiters improve speed and sourcing. We know you need more time to bill!

This Adapt Training hack will help you get the right candidate in the right job even quicker. Save clicks and start sourcing straight from your Adapt CRM search screen.

  • Perhaps your searches pull lots of great candidates, but you need to be able to reference them quickly.

  • You feel that time can be wasted clicking into individual records.

  • You wish that there was a way to review all your search results and note their suitability without leaving the page.

Adapt Studios are at the heart of your Adapt – they help recruiters with their most common problem – managing their data and turning it into cash!

The recruiters I train on Adapt love this feature. It really helps them focus on the relationship building part of their job which we all know is the key to engaging and retaining candidates and clients.​

Watch the Adapt Hack here!

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HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training (Recruitment HIIT) helps recruiters source, convert quicker and develop healthy pipelines. Recruitment HIIT is an exciting recruitment training platform for recruiters to speedily learn skills to be more successful with Adapt, Bullhorn, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Inbound Sales, Digital and Email Marketing. Try Recruitment HIIT for free, or arrange a call with me - press one of the magic buttons below.




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