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Bullhorn Buys Adapt – What Does this Mean for You?


Recruiters, I assume you’re keen to be smarter and bill more this year. You could be 29% more profitable when you use a CRM.  Plus 34% more productive! 

But just as you’re focusing on Brexit getting “done”, and impeachments, 2 things happen to cause a major disruption in The Force!

  • Star Wars 9 wasn’t as good as it could have been

  • Bullhorn Buys Adapt!

Bullhorn Buys Adapt… What Happens Now?

Actually, not much changes – read Bullhorn’s FAQs on their website:

We are committed to supporting Bond customers and ensuring that they are successful moving forward. While we have no plans to accelerate development of new features as part of Bond, we will maintain support for the existing product for the indefinite future. 

So, Adapt isn’t being “sunsetted” (retired), and Bullhorn will continue to have developers maintaining the product. But, really, what many of our Adapt clients tell me is what they have today works for them.  The issue they have is their recruiters’ usage of Adapt, rather than the Adapt CRM itself – and that’s what needs fixing in 2020!

I’ve checked in with my team of Adapt trainers (the best Adapt trainers in the business!) and listed below are our 5 reasons to get your Recruiters trained to use Adapt better.  Training your recruiters to use Adapt to source, attract, convert, and place candidates and clients is a key goal. You never know, this may also help you retain your recruiters too?

Note: if you’re migrating to Bullhorn, keep watching – the tips below are just as useful. We train recruiters to use Bullhorn too!

1. Are You Suffering from the 72% Placement Issue?

72% of the placements made last year were with candidates you already had (before you spent at least 13 hours sourcing them from LinkedIn and job boards.)

So – training your recruiters to clean up (some of their) data and working it is the crux of all of the things you need to do this year.

In fact, Bullhorn’s research on what you want to improve tells me that 55% of you see speedier sourcing as your key goal. 

2. Recruiters are Distracted 36 x An Hour… No Time for Calls! 

Recruiters are checking their emails 36 x an hour, and mobiles phone 45 x a day…

What a waste of time! Time is needed make calls and interview candidates / convert clients.

Again – how have your teams been trained to use Adapt to run their desk?

Every client we work with wants their recruiters to make more viable calls… How are you using Adapt to generate warm call lists and turn those candidates and clients into invoices?

80% of you want to be more organised, using technology! Adapt’s Planner is a fabulous tool to create order out of potential chaos.

3. Your Attrition Is Affected by Change

The recruitment industry suffers a whopping 43% attrition rate – and this is often down to a lack of training on core systems.  For example, the CIPD note that 2/3 of leavers claim a lack of training is their main reason for quitting.  Ask yourself:

  • What training are you delivering this year to KEEP your staff?  

  • How are you planning on making them more productive and effective recruiters?

It is likely that you have the three things you need…

  1. People

  2. Data

  3. System

BUT the purpose and process are missing.

Did you know that continuous training can increase sales by 50%? More training = more sales!

4. How Much Money Are You Spending NOT Using Adapt? Perhaps £140,000?

We recently “traffic lighted” a client’s recruitment workflow. 

  • What were they doing well (green)?

  • What needed a little retraining (amber)?

  • What parts of the recruitment workflow were they not delivering through Adapt, or not delivering at all (red)?

The outcome? We found that a team of 40 recruiters were “drowning” in data and systems and were spending in excess of £140,000 using systems other than Adapt.

Plus, dirty data, unhappy recruiters, useless MI, and no doubt lots of missed sales opportunities.

(Hence no budget for training!)

Processes and ROI skewed by “too many systems not enough process”. (It doesn’t cost £140k to train your teams to use Adapt!)

5. 60% of Candidates Have a Poor Experience… But What About Recruiters?

There is so much online about the poor candidate experience, and APSCo tells us that most of you want to fix this issue - but what about the recruiter experience? 2/3 of recruiters who quit last year stated "you didn't train me" - what a terrible waste of time and resource, when it takes approx 6-12 months to get a recruiter to decent billing levels. (It costs approx £10,000 to replace a recruiter!)

What’s your plan this year to improve your teams’ experience of recruitment and sales?  Surely their happiness directly affects that of your candidates (and clients)? And you'll save £100,000s!

Adapt CRM: “It’s What You Do With It That Counts!”

We’ve spent the last 20 years working with Bond / Erecruit / Bullhorn – we’re pretty good at Adapt and Bullhorn adoption and recruitment training.  In fact, we’re one of the few teams who know the difference between the two.

Recruitment is a tough market, made up of busy recruiters and sales people. If you’ve not got the time, mindset, or budget to move from Adapt this year think:

“It’s what you do with it that counts!” 

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate leads, and colleagues (3Cs).




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