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The Sales-Led Recruitment Marketing Challenge


​Now more than ever, recruitment marketers need to deliver real value. But where does marketing fit in to the new muddled landscape? And how are they prepared for the new normal?

Recruitment Leaders and Recruitment Marketers! Do I have a high energy recruitment sales and marketing webinar for you!

  • Your sales and recruitment teams don't care if you have event fatigue - they need leads (and you need to generate them).

  • Your candidates and clients assume if they don't hear from that you don't care, and will go elsewhere.

  • Treat your brain to a high energy 45-min workout - Simon and I have some tips and tricks to help you create a 90-day sales and marketing plan to keep your 3Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues) attracted, engaged, converted, and retained.

Plus, I share some of my tips from the Recruitment Marketing Academy I run for marketers who want to be the "biggest billers" in their recruitment business.

Recruitment Marketing Being Accountable and Valuable

With COVID creating either distraction, furlough, or redundancy, recruitment agencies are focused on lead generation and conversion. A recent survey of recruitment marketing professionals asked the following questions:

  1. What were your plans to improve prior to COVID lockdown?

  2. What are your biggest challenges during lockdown?

  3. Where do you see the biggest wins for you in the next few months?

  4. Where do you feel you need additional training / knowledge?

Join myself and Simon Lewis from Members Only for an engaging session as we lift the lid on answers to the above recruitment sales and marketing questions, helping to understand the role of the recruitment marketer moving forward and how we can make ourselves truly accountable and VALUED.

​Watch My Sales and Marketing Webinar Here




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