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4 Ways to Be a Contented Recruitment Leader

We’ve been talking a lot about ROI for some weeks now – mainly because you are keen to see it, feel it and for us to deliver it.

Contented Recruiters R Us!

So, a new soap box has been hauled in, I’m stood on it and about to begin working with my team on our next theme:


Now –

Marketers, calm down… it’s not all about you!

Recruitment Leaders and IT bods – perk up!  You need content (and I’m not talking about that pesky copy and images your colouring-in department go crazy for)!

This theme is for everyone…

  1. Content… the content of your copy, drives the content of your talent pool, convertible leads, internal recruitment strategy.
  2. Content… the content of your CRM.  Want to sell your business? The content of your database will help and hinder!
  3. Content… the content of your adverts! The ultimate lead generator that recruiters insist on being really bad at!
  4. Content… the content of your Recruiters’ LinkedIn profiles – who owns it anyway?

Bring on the Contented Recruiters – We are going to create CONTENTment.

What do you think?

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