Recruiters! This Adapt Hack Could Save You 25% of Your Day - Outlook Add-in


This Adapt hack is for recruiters and their busy administrators, who need to speed up adding compliance documents to Adapt. We want to help you automate what is likely to be a manual, time-consuming process. PLUS, it will help you keep your pipeline safe.

Recruiters! Improve Speed by 25%!

We know how precious your time is as a recruiter, especially as temp and contract recruiters and your volumes of compliance and email data.

When I show this Outlook Add-in hack to recruiters, they say “that will save me loads of time”. Plus, I know from experience as a recruiter that a big chunk of my day was about getting my documents in the right place, to save me hassle with my pipeline later. (Don’t get me started on GDPR and compliance!)

  • Perhaps you feel that adding docs to Adapt is too time consuming?

  • Everyone needs a holiday (or is off sick) – none of my clients like hunting around for compliance documents!

  • You need to place candidates quicker… you need more time!

This Adapt hack will really help recruiters (and their admin) to breeze through their compliance tasks.

I love this hack because it creates time for what is actually the best part of your role – placing more candidates and generating more fees!

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