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Recruitment Training, Culture And KPIs: with Lander Consultancy's Fiona Lander
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Recruitment Training, Culture And KPIs: with Lander Consultancy’s Fiona Lander

I’m delighted to be speaking with the extremely knowledgeable and respected Fiona Lander from Lander Consultancy. She’s celebrating her 20th business anniversary in 2017 (congrats!). As providers of world class, international recruitment training and development, Lander Consultancy works with recruitment teams to make them competitive. Fiona and her team works with forward thinking, growing recruitment companies, providing a… Read more »

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3 Common Mistakes You’ll Make Implementing Your Recruitment CRM

The biggest nightmare a recruitment leader can face when implementing a shiny new CRM system is watching everything fall apart on the ‘go live’ date. Recruiter process interrupted, everyone looking to you for answers, money going down the drain – it’s enough to turn anyone grey. Imagine a CRM that returns no searches, holds all the wrong… Read more »

[Webinar] 10 things to do on Bullhorn before 10am
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[Webinar] 10 Things to do on Bullhorn before 10am

We’re excited to announce that Bullhorn hosted another great webinar with us for busy recruiters who want to get more ROI from their CRM system! Do your mornings disappear in a blur? It’s the busiest time of day; there are emails to read, people to call, and targets to hit. Recruitment is a time-precious and reactive environment. It’s all… Read more »

LinkedIn Recruiter License Training
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LinkedIn Spying Isn’t Sneaky… It’s Clever Recruiting!

LinkedIn Recruiter’s Awesome Update Me Button – Helps you Spy! You’re a savvy Recruiter looking to make the most out of your LinkedIn Recruiter Licence. You want to improve speed, keep your clients and talent happy and make more placements (and hence money). I’ll be looking at using the Update Me feature on LinkedIn Recruiter which will help… Read more »

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What Recruiters Need to Stop Doing with Bullhorn in 2017

We ran another great #RecruitClever webinar with Bullhorn this month. I was on a mission to get you using features of the Bullhorn Recruitment system I commonly see recruiters overlooking. I think we hit target – our recruiters on the session said they’d already started using my CRM tips during the webinar! Now that’s what they call ROI… We’re helping… Read more »

Do You Really Need More Recruiters to Grow This Year
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Do You Really Need More Recruiters to Grow This Year?

Building a recruitment team to deliver growth and profit in 2016 seems for many recruitment leaders to be about growing headcount… I had a chat with Mike Walmsley about internal attraction and what recruiters need to think about in this year. How to be a talent magnet Are you really “different”?  Or are your “differences” simply what… Read more »

Place Candidates Quicker with Bond Adapt Studios
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Place Candidates Quicker with Bond Adapt Studios

Are you a busy recruiter wanting to improve sourcing speed?  Do you want to shortlist talent super quick – hence improving your speed of placement?  If you have Bond Adapt V11 watch this short video to find out how you can utilise My Studios and speed up your recruitment process, make more placements and improve your pipeline…. Read more »

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