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Improving the Value of Your Recruitment Business with Greg Savage Podcast


Recruitment leaders who want to get ROI from their recruitment tech, have marketing deliver viable candidates and leads, and make sure that their recruiters are super-productive, need to listen to this recruitment podcast

Oh! And if as a recruitment leader, like many of my clients, you are looking to hire more recruiters, this podcast has a couple of great ideas to help you with your own recruitment strategy.

Straight Talking - No Messing - Advice for Recruitment Leaders

Do you know the value of your business?

A buyer will typically be looking at 60-70% of profits coming from temporary or contract recruiting.

Do you know how many of your recruiters quit last year simply because they did not have the training to do their job?

Do you know what your marketing function should be doing to generate the 4Cs? (Candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash?)

In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast, I'm delighted (understatement!) to be talking to Greg Savage. He offers some "straight talking - no messing - advice for recruitment leaders who want to be more successful".

I talked to Greg about:

  • What are the main changes he feels have happened in the recruitment industry?

  • What are most recruitment leaders doing differently at the moment?

  • Where is the “danger”?

  • What are investors who are looking to buy your business looking for?

  • What does he think of permanent dominant-recruitment businesses?

  • What could add the most value to your recruitment business? And devalue it?

  • How can we attract the best recruiters?

  • What 3 things are crucial for recruiters to be trained in?

  • What are the three skills every recruitment leader is going to need in the next 3-5 years?

This is seriously one of my favourite recruitment leader interviews and I think every recruitment leader (current or budding) will benefit from spending 30 minutes listening to this and planning their strategy.

We talked about how there isn’t enough process around recruitment CRM systems. Listen to this episode of the Recruitment Leaders' podcast to hear more.

And for recruitment marketers who want to demonstrate and deliver ROI from their marketing efforts, check out our blog post on connecting recruitment sales and marketing.

Listen to this Recruitment Leaders' Podcast!

Thanks, Greg, for being such great guest on my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.

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