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Recruiters! Don’t expect a return on investment from LinkedIn

I am a massive fan of Return of Investment (ROI) when using social media, and I’m not talking about silly “like”, “follower”, ”share” metrics. I get why marketers think these are important (I know they are), but the majority of my agency recruitment clients want £$€ stats. Do you know how much LinkedIn is worth to you?… Read more »

LinkedIn Spying Isn't Sneaky... It's Clever Recruiting!
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LinkedIn Spying Isn’t Sneaky… It’s Clever Recruiting!

LinkedIn Recruiter’s Awesome Update Me Button – Helps you Spy You’re a savvy Recruiter looking to make the most out of your LinkedIn Recruiter Licence. You want to improve speed, keep your clients and talent happy and make more placements (and hence money). I’ll be looking at using the Update Me feature on LinkedIn Recruiter which will help… Read more »

Source like a Social Media Savvy Jedi
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Source like a Social Media Savvy Jedi

BIG thanks to Bond International Software for hosting another fab webinar for recruiters!  And this time they took us to hyperspace! Have you ever wanted to use The Force and source like a social media savvy Jedi? Jedis are peace-loving problem solvers who rely on simple and calm methods for saving the galaxy.  Perhaps as a recruiter… Read more »

Getting Real ROI From Your Recruitment CRM
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Getting Real ROI From Your Recruitment Technology

As part of my Recruitment Leaders podcast series on SoundCloud I spoke with Wendy McDougall from Firefish. Wendy is CEO and Founder of Firefish Software – A CRM and ATS Recruitment Software for recruitment agencies. She has some fantastic ideas about how recruitment leaders can actually make money from their Recruitment CRM.  Every leader wants to do this. We chatted about: How Wendy… Read more »

Use Shortlists in Bullhorn to Become More Effective and Efficient
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Use Shortlists in Bullhorn to Become More Effective and Efficient

Here at Barclay Jones we Love Bullhorn and love finding ways to help recruiters become more effective at using their technology. That’s why we’ve created this video tutorial to show you lucky sourcers and placers out there how to speed up your day to day processes! Shortlists The shortlist or submission area in Bullhorn is a great way to stay more… Read more »

7 Reasons Why Recruitment Leaders Need to Focus on Clean Data

I reviewed in my last blog why recruiters often have dirty data and what it can lead to. It’s obvious to me that recruiters need to get a handle on their data. The prevalence of LinkedIn, and other data sources which clients have access to, has disrupted the recruitment space and conversations about ownership of talent and the… Read more »

Stop Thinking that Super Users are the Drivers of Successful Technology

I’ve been in recruitment technology since 2000 (almost before rectec became an actual “thing”). As either a permanent IT Director, or a consultant to the recruitment industry, I’ve been involved in countless change and implementation projects (CRM, Websites, Job Boards, Time Sheets etc…) Super Users (or champions) are often deployed before / during / after recruitment systems are implemented –… Read more »

Recruitment Leaders...Is Poor Project Management Making an ASS out of U_

Making an Ass out of U and Me

The recruitment sector is growing, and recruitment leaders want to upgrade their recruiting software, speed up process and make their recruiters more effective. This means spending cash, allocating time and finding resource to deliver these projects to make all of this happen. Buying a new bit of recruitment software is simply part of the process… Read more »

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