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Is it Possible to Get ROI from Star Wars?

Firstly – happy Star Wars Day everyone – this is the 39th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars movie – A New Hope.

We ran a survey when the Force Awakens in December 2015, and it awakened the closet Leia in many a (male and female) recruiter.

We wanted to survey the industry on their use of social, digital and CRM and also have a little fun with the biggest content opportunity we’ve ever witnessed.

Some startling results – more startling even than finding out who Luke’s Father really is!? Tweet this

I’m going to keep this brief – the stats speak for themselves and they should really get you thinking about ROI from digital marketing and CRM.

  1. Only 20% of Recruiters use the best data source in the galaxy to source for talent (guess what it is!).
  2. Only 20% of recruiters feel that they are effectively using Twitter – but many more are actually using it
  3. Most recruiters who use Twitter follow every Ewok and Tauntaun going!
  4. 43% of recruiters don’t use their CRM the way their bosses think they do or want them to (clearly Recruitment Leaders don’t have the Darth Vader grip!)
  5. 17% of Recruiters are LinkedIn LIONs – in other words, 17% of recruiters are Dianogas!
  6. 83% of recruiters have not joined the max number of groups on LinkedIn
  7. 61% of recruiters have no process for using social media – they just grab their blaster and randomly fire (often with blanks!)
  8. 52% of recruiters have a comlink (mobile) that they actively use at work – mmmm, how many of them are work mobiles that are endorsed by the business?

The above smacks of a:

  1. Lack of control of how social media tools are used in recruitment
  2. A lack of engagement of the only asset a recruitment leader really owns – their CRM
  3. And a lack of ROI

We’re going to continue running this survey – after all, you lucky people have another three years of #StarWars movies yet to come.

We work with recruiters to change the stats above and help them become more successful!

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