“Outrageous” LinkedIn, Bullhorn and Social Media Hacks for Recruitment Directors and Managers!


Recruiters need to be more competitive, and their leaders need them to be super-effective. You can spend a lot of time on LinkedIn but still need to be on the phone to convert. I’ve been asked by cube19 to speak at their User Group Network to share some real-life recruiter hacks to improve talent attraction, lead generation and conversion.

The new cube19 User Group Network is dedicated to recruitment agencies that want to get the most from how they use Bullhorn and their data.  Ricky from Cube19 says:

Come along to the upcoming event in London on 26 March to network, share ideas and discover outrageous hacks to get you working faster and smarter. What are the everyday actions we employ that fuel productivity, brand exposure and agency growth?

I will be joining Ricky Wheeler, Sharon Klaver and Brooke Weinberg to talk about how you can raise your profile and attract candidates (including recruiters for your own business) and generate leads more effectively on LinkedIn.  As part of the LinkedIn training my team and I deliver, I have some cute hacks to help you use the free and paid for LinkedIn tool more effectively to source and place – and improve your speed and fees.

Cube19 Say This About Their Monthly Bullhorn User Group

With the myriad of tools available to recruiters in this candidate short market, understanding the best tools and techniques to automate processes whilst maintaining a positive brand experience is a clear competitive advantage.

In the second instalment of our meetup series, we’ll uncover the real-life marketing and CRM hacks that our speakers employ every day to fuel productivity, brand exposure and growth.
We’ll provide food, drinks and the opportunity to learn best practices from recruitment pros and like-minded professionals.

On Tuesday 26 March, 18:00-20:30 in London I’m joining:

  • Ricky Wheeler – Marketing Director at cube19

  • Sharon Klaver – Customer Success Manager at cube19

  • Brooke Weinberg – Head of Bullhorn Sales at Ebsta

We’re talking about:

  • Raising Your Profile and Marketing Yourself on LinkedIn

  • Integrating LinkedIn with Bullhorn CRM

  • 4 Automation Secrets Behind cube19’s Social Marketing Function

  • 5 Bullhorn Hacks to Get Your Recruiters Working Faster

Book Your Place at cube19’s User Group Here

Take a look at cube19’s snazzy video from their launch event

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