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RecTech 2020 - AKA Rise of the Recruitment Machines


Recruitment leaders! We know that recruitment is a time and numbers game.

Your recruiters are spending 1/3 of their time sourcing candidates for a single role, they are checking their emails 36 times per hour, and you’re spending more and more money on recruitment tech, just to stay the same…

You need your recruitment technology to be automated, to take some of the heavy lifting, and free up your recruiters so they have time to bill!

Recruitment Technology and the Death of the Recruiter?

The recruitment leaders we work with are concerned that that expensive CRM is not delivering ROI, and they need to boost this with even more tech!

With the distraction of GDPR and Brexit stalling our growth, and the threat of AI taking over recruitment, we need to really focus on delivering profitable and future-proof recruitment businesses. Relationships, phone calls and face time have never been so important, and inbound sales should be a key strategy for next year.

After all, you tell us every year that more phone time is needed!

  • Your recruiters spend too much of their time on LinkedIn and job boards – when 70% of the candidates you placed last year were already on your Bullhorn, Adapt etc…

  • You need time to call more clients and place more candidates

  • You (and your recruiters) are constantly being interrupted (56 times a day, in fact!)

  • You want effective automations that give you back the time you desperately need

  • You’re concerned by the rise of the machines and how AI will disrupt your business

In this recruitment webinar, we talked about:

  • What you can do NOW without spending any more money on NEW Recruitment Software

  • How you can analyse what’s stopping Recruiters being effective, or what’s stopping a great Candidate, and Client, and not forgetting, Recruiter experience.

  • How to figure out if your recruiters are doing the basics well.

  • How you get a CRMFirst mindset in your business.

Watch the recruitment technology webinar here

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